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  Collector Collect Marble pairs that drop from all directions.
  CopyCat This is a classic game testing your speed and memorization skills.
  Gems Match 3 gems in a row.
  Invasion Defeat the evil Martian Marty in his quest for world domination. A port of the Unix classic XBill.
  Jalaga Destroy the evil Jalagans before they destroy the Earth!
  JRoids Similar to the classic game Asteroids, you pilot a lone ship faced with many menacing asteroids and other hazards.
  Mahjongg This is the classic game of Chinese solitaire.
  Marbles This classic puzzle game challenges you to remove Marbles from the playing board by grouping them into sets. The large the sets, the more points you receive.
  MarbleDrop Stem the flood of Marbles!
  Mines! Help clear the minefield.
  PairUp Collect pairs of Marbles, and maximize your score in the process.
  Plumber Pete Help crazy old PlumberPete avert plumbing disaster.
  Quarantine Control a nanorobot, in its efforts to defeat the virii.
  SpeedMarbles This is a new spin on the classic Marbles game. Where speed is rewarded.
  Spider The classic Spider soltaire game.
  Warehouse Will In this Japanese puzzle game you need to push the crates into their appropriate locations.
  Wordsmith Form as many words as possible within a time limit.
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