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The evil Martian Marty has plans for World DOMINATION! You are Earth's last hope for stopping him. Marty is attempting to infect every computer with a hypno-virus. Once the vast majority of computers are infected, he will begin his control of Earth's human population. You must zap all his replicants before he succeeds.

Playing the Game

Your objective is to click the mouse on all the Martians, ending their potential threat. If one of the Martians reaches a computer, it will attempt to install the hypno-virus. It will then attempt to run off the screen with your vital software. The game ends when only one of your computers is remains virus-free. Additionally, some computers are connected with network cables. When one computer on a network becomes infected, a spark will be sent down the cable, and will infect the computer on the other end when it reaches there.

Clicking the button on one of the little Martians will cause it to cry out in pain and disintegrate into another dimension, dropping the stolen software if he is carrying one. If a computer is infected or is temporarily off, the software can be dragged back to the computer (or another computer compatible with that software). To extinguish a spark drag the bucket of water from the upper left corner onto it.

This game is a port of XBill which is a game found on many *nix systems.

The source code is available here.

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