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Playing the Game

The object of the game is to collect marble in lines of 5 or more. The more marbles collected on one turn, the more points awarded. Marbles are collected when a line of 5 or more is formed by moving a marble of the same color into the line.Plan carefully so you can eliminate as many sets as possible.
  1. Once you've loaded the game (by clicking PLAY above), click "New Game".
  2. Select a Marble to move by clicking on it.
  3. This will highlight the Marble and you will then be able to move your mouse to an empty square and see how the Marble will move to it. To move the Marble, click on the other empty square.
  4. If moving the Marble caused a line of 5 or more to form, the line disappears, and points are awarded. You then get another chance to move a Marble.
  5. Once your turn ends, three more Marbles will appear randomly on the board.
  6. The game ends automatically, when no more Marbles may be moved.
  7. Remember more points are awarded for collecting more Marbles on the same turn. For example: If you collect 7 Marbles in one line, that amounts to a score of 42. But if you instead collect two lines of 5 Marbles on the same turn, you will score 90.
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