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Playing the Game

The object of this game is to discover words in the tiles displayed. The longer the word and the rarer the letters the more points are awarded.

  • To play, simply click on the time limit you wish to have for the game. The board will then appear.
  • To form words, simply click on the tiles you wish to select. You may start with any tile, but every other letter must be adjacent to the previous letter and you cannot use the same letter twice.
  • The deselect the last tile selected, simply click on the tile again. To erase the whole word, click on the clear all button.
  • Once a valid unique word has been entered, the submit button will become available on the right. When clicked, points will be awarded, and new tiles will replace the selected tiles.
  • The game is over when time runs out, or the Resign button is pressed.
  • NOTE: Words must be 3 to 7 letters. Both American and British style spellings are allowed (For example: analyze and analyse are both valid).
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